Wildland Fire Weather 1.5


WILDLAND FIREFIGHTERS - Get Probability of Ignition (PIG) + More + TXT Results

[For Wildland Firefighters]
Obtain dry & web bulb temps from your belt weather kit or weather meter then use this app to calculate:

- Probability of Ignition (PIG)
- Relative Humidity (RH)
- Reference Fuel Moisture (RFM)
- Fuel Moisture Corrections (FMC)
- Fine Dead Fuel Moisture (FDFM)
- Dew Point (DP)

+ Text Message Your Results
Get your weather data to your commanding officer in real-time!

+ Uses GPS Elevation
+ Or Disable GPS To Manually Input Elevation
+ Perfect For The Wildland Firefighter

::GPS Battery Conservation::
While in the field it's good practice to disable your phone's GPS unless actively obtaining GPS data. This serves to prolong battery life.

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